Male Urine Guard

The Male Urine Guard is a comfortable, customized solution for light to moderate male urinary incontinence. It is small in size and keeps urine contained to prevent rashes and odor problems. The elastic band which holds it in place conforms to the penis and will prevent leakage even when turned upside down. The elastic also comfortably molds to the penis without any painful clamping effect that some other products use. It will fit a penis circumference up to 6 inches around.

The Male Urine Guard is also a great product for bedridden people as they do not have to be moved to use the product. And if you are caught off guard or have to go to a meeting or participate in a crowded activity without notice, you can quickly put on a Urine Guard and feel confident that you will not have leakage.

Many people use the Male Urine Guard at bedtime to stay dry. There is no risk of pain that is associated with clamping products when you have an errection.

If you are suffering from light to moderate urinary incontinence, the Male Urine Guard could just be the solution you have been searching for.